Our important services in the field of Indian Criminal laws:

  • In house arrangements for Indian criminal lawyers who are well versed with all kinds of criminal trial procedure, bail matters including anticipatory bails.
  • Services related to filing of Bail applications, bail, anticipatory bail, bail under matrimonial disputes, anticipatory bails under 498 A.
  • Defending and launching of 138 negotiable Instruments Act cases, recovery of money, criminal complaints related to cheating, forgery, extortion, misappropriation of money, fabrication of documents, tampering of documents, criminal breach of trust, passport act cases, NDPS cases etc.
  • We arrange for online criminal lawyer to advice on all aspects of Indian criminal laws including advice on bail matters.
  • Indian legal advisors for criminal law
  • Indian lawyers for criminal complaints
  • Indian solicitors for criminal process cases.
  • Indian Attorneys for criminal law documentation
  • Legal advice forum for all matters related to criminal law in India
  • Legal advice hotline for all contingent criminal law matters to provide online legal advice and online legal services

Important fields of criminal law in India:

  • Criminal trail :

    A criminal trial commences with the filing of charge sheet by the police against the accused person. The court frames charges on the basis of the charges and the evidences contained in the said charge sheet. The criminal trial commences after framing of the charges by the court. he role of defense lawyer is very important during the criminal trial as he defends the accused before the court and demolishes the case filed by the prosecuting agency. The cross examination during the criminal trial is very important which becomes the basis for the decision of the criminal trial under Criminal Procedure Code.

    We handle all kinds of criminal trails before the courts and depute highly trained and skilled defense lawyer who are amongst the best Indian criminal lawyers and criminal attorneys. The criminal trials are mainly conducted before the district courts in the Indian legal system. We retain the best Indian attorneys to deal with criminal trials to provide the best possible legal services in the Indian legal services and defend the accused persons most effectively.

  • Bails :

    Bail is the most important legal service in the criminal legal system of India. The provisions related to bail are contained in Section 437 and 438 of the Criminal Procedure Code. The nature of offence determines whether the accused is entitled to bail or not. This has been exhaustively listed in the Criminal Procedure Code. In some of the cases the accused is entitled to bail by the police and are called bailable offences in common parlance. The accused is given bail by the police in such cases after completing the formalities of bail bond and proper surety. In some cases the offence is categorized as Non Bailable in which the accused can get bail from the designated court itself. In some cases the accused approaches the court for grant of Anticipatory bail apprehending his arrest by the police. The court after hearing the pleas of the accused through his counsel determines whether the accused is entitled to be granted anticipatory bail or not. In some cases the court fixes conditions before granting bail to the accused persons. Anticipatory bail is filed in the Court of Session and then in High Court and Supreme Court. Bail attorney has to take up the matter very cautiously and conduct the proceedings in most efficient manner as the grant of bail and rejection of bail by the courts has wide ranging effects on the accused.

    We provide highly trained Indian bail attorneys and bail lawyers who are highly trained in the field of bail practice. The proactive strategy adopted by our Indian bail attorneys provides full proof legal services for bail applications.

  • Criminal complaints :

    Filing and defending of criminal complaints is important legal service provided by the Indian criminal lawyers at our Indian law firm. A criminal complaint is lodged against a person against his criminal act giving the detailed description of the criminal acts committed by him and the criminal court considers the entire material on record and issues summons to the accused persons. The criminal complaint thus leads to the criminal prosecution of the person who is made to face the criminal trial.

    The most common criminal complaint in the Indian legal system is the complaint case filed under the Negotiable Instruments Act against the bouncing of cheque. The criminal complaints as filed under the Negotiable Instruments Act are treated as the complaint under the Indian legal system and the person who has issued the cheque and the persons responsible for the bouncing of the cheques are summoned by the criminal court.

  • Cheque bouncing matters:

    Defending and launching of cases under Section 138 of Negotiable Instruments Act with accuracy to provide the best results in most effective manner. The criminal procedure code process is followed in such cases which make the entire trial of such cases as criminal trial. We provide Indian attorneys to deal such cases in most effective manner. This field of criminal jurisprudence in India is growing very fast. In most of the cases pertaining to bouncing of cheques or dishonor of cheques the process starts with the issuance of notice under Section 138 of the Negotiable Instruments Act and the entire process becomes time bound. The filing and launching of criminal complaint is the most important legal service provided by our Indian attorneys at our Indian law firm.

  • Economic offences:

    Criminal breach of trust, criminal misappropriation of money , cheating, forgery etc are the main types of economic offences for which special wings have been created by the police, CBI and other law and order enforcing agencies. We provide all the services related to launching and defending of economic offences through our highly specialized Indian criminal lawyers at our law firm.

  • Anti dowry cases:

    All services relating to anti dowry laws which lead to criminal prosecution of the husband, in-laws etc. is provided by us through highly trained criminal lawyers in India. The filing and defending of all such criminal complaints requires highly qualified Indian attorneys who provide the best legal services in Indian legal system. Such cases mainly include the cases pertaining to offences under Section 498A of the IPC.