Landmark judgement / Reported judgements

Group matter of 43 cases
Ramanbhai B. patel & Ors. V/s. Union of india

Short facts:-

  • Investors of small saving scheme (T.D. 7 M.I.S. A/C)
  • Introduced by of Union of india becomes victims of savings scam approached us for justice. After perusing documentary evidence it appears that during the year 1989 to 2000 the than employee had embezzled deposited amount by making false entry in government ledger which came into light when one of hence government prosecuted and sized property of employee while the depositors did not got their investment/benefits under the scheme hence, I filed 43 consumer cases before CDRF. Ultimately, considering merits, evidence on record, parties pleadings, and courts has passed an order to return deposited amount along with the interest. All the appellate court had upheld the judgements of CDRF and the depositors got justice

Important point

  • If a amount of investors is embezzled by agent or authority of post office then investors could not be made to suffer

Reported in

  • (2005) 1 C.P.R. page no 297
  • (2005) 4 C.P.J. page no. 195
  • (2005) 1 C.P.C. page no. 456